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Financial planning for life stages

Proper financial planning for various life stages and milestones can reduce the stress and anxiety and give you the confidence to transition through these milestones with ease and clarity. Learn more about how First Financial can help you prepare.

Understanding the superannuation work test

In the May 2021 Federal Budget, the Government announced their intention to remove the superannuation work test rule as it has been difficult to police. But until that happens the current work test will remain the same. We take a closer look at existing rules and explain more about the work test exemption.

Understanding high yield investments

The term ‘high yield’ sounds like a great opportunity to be able to boost your investment income and enjoy positive returns… but you need to be mindful of the associated risks. While some high yield investments are certainly beneficial to include within a diversified portfolio you should always do your homework.

Women and finances

Financial freedom – it’s something everyone wants. But for many women, it can be difficult to achieve. There are significant hurdles to overcome so no matter where you are in your life right now, it’s essential that you take control today and start planning for the future.