Save Money

Our aged care financial advisers can help you save on fees associated with nursing homes and residential aged care. We can also help you get access to new pension entitlements.

Cut Stress

Stop worrying about your cash flow, taxes, and pension entitlements. We at Aged Care Financial Planning can help you structure your finances so you can avoid costly mistakes and be able to save.

Save Time

Our aged care advisers can take care of all the paper work and leg work saving you time and stress. We’ll provide you with prompt aged care advice so you can gain access to care, and relax about the finances.

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Fill in the form or phone 1300 000 AGE for an initial 15 minute consultation with an Aged Care Professional

Our Founder's

Pledge to you

Wealth protection and financial management are crucial for the elderly. With sound and reliable financial advice, and the right team beside you, it is possible to achieve a more comfortable life in residential aged care.

At Aged CFP, we can help you figure out the specific steps you need to take based on your circumstances and changing needs.

This is my pledge to you.

Shaun Ganguly, Founder/Director